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The City Of Chicago City - 724 Words

Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, Chicago City is the third largest city in the United States, with three million populations. It’s located in the state of Illinois. It’s land area around two hundred and thirty-seven square miles, it has dozens of cultural institutions, historical sites and museums, more than two hundred theaters and two hundred art galleries, seventy-seven community area contains more than one hundred neighborhoods, fifteen bathing beaches. The City of Chicago occupying an area of sixty thousand hectares, and located one hundred and seventy-six meters above sea level on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. At one hundred and ninety-kilometer-wide and four hundred and ninety-five kilometers long, it’s the fifth largest body of fresh water in the world. The Calumet and Chicago rivers are traversing the City. Around three hundred hectares of Chicago City parks visited by an estimated eighty-six million visitors each year. Also, The Ci ty of Chicago is Known as a multicultural city and very passionate sports town. It has the advantage of trading possibilities. Today, half of the United States rail freight continues to pass through Chicago City. Also, O’Hare and Midway International airports are making the City of Chicago the nation’s busiest aviation center. The City of Chicago is considered a leader in reforming public school, providing affordable housing, enhancing public safety and security initiatives, and ensuring accessibility for all andShow MoreRelatedThe City Of The Chicago City1426 Words   |  6 PagesThe Cloud Gate that is also called The Bean, is the best attraction in the Chicago city. As so many tourists come from different region of world to visit the Chicago city, they see that shiny bean as a selfie place. The bean is in Millennium Park which is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with free admission. The visitors traveling can get to the park using primary Chicago public transportations either bus or subway. Using CTA, one can take red line subway train to Randolph and from there it is aRead MoreThe City Of Chicago, Illinois1378 Words   |  6 PagesThe city of Chicago, Illinois has a total population of 2,695,598. The largest population out of my three cities, the population is composed of 31.7 percent non- Hispanic w hites and the second largest contributor to the city’s total population is Non-Hispanic Blacks with 32.4 percent. Hispanic or Latinos consist of 28.9 percent of the population. I have chosen this city as an immigrant city due to the sheer numbers of Hispanic population. Another reason it was chosen as such, was because out ofRead MoreChicago Is A Diverse City1669 Words   |  7 PagesChicago is portrayed as a diverse city, especially in downtown Chicago. However, Chicago is, in fact, a segregated city. On the Northside of Chicago, the population is predominantly white, while on the South and West Side the population is made up of Hispanics and African Americans. To begin, living on the South and West Sides, someone is more likely to eat unhealthily. For example, on the Northside someone will be able to find grocery stores that have organic food, unlike on the South Side, whereRead MoreWrestling In Chicago : The Windy City In Chicago797 Words   |  4 Pagesworld is full of incredible wrestling cities such as London, Philadelphia, New York, LA, Orlando and more. But nothing compares to the Windy City! With NXT Takeover and Backlash having took place in Chicago last week, it’s only fitting to write this. Consistently ranked as the best or one of the best wrestling cities in the world by sites like Wrestlezone, Sportster, Bleacher Report and acknowledged by WWE and its wrestlers, Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. So here are 5 reasonsRead More Chicago: A City Of The Senses Essay658 Words   |  3 Pages Chicago: A City of the Senses nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Chicago has enjoyed the tourist spotlight over the years, due to its cultural and economical prosperity. The crowded streets, ethnic bakeries, and popular malls add zest and flavor to this enriching city. Since my short visit in May with a high school class, I have dreamed of making the busy commuters, blinding and mind-altering lights, and sheer musical excitement a part of my everyday life. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Commuters livenedRead MoreCity Demographics and Crime Profile of Chicago666 Words   |  3 PagesCity Demographics and Crime Profile of Chicago AJS 514 October 19, 2015 James L. Smith City Demographics and Crime Profile of Chicago Chicago is a big and beautiful city in the United States, this paper will discuss the cities demographics and analyze a criminal profile. It will include the characterization of the city in terms of social and intellectual context and identify social factors that contribute to crime. A description of beliefs people living there would accept for explainingRead MoreMcdonald V. City of Chicago Case Briefing729 Words   |  3 PagesCase Citation: McDonald v. City of Chicago, 130 S. Ct. 3020 (2010) 2. Facts: * Procedural (history) - what lower courts decided * The U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirms, holding that the Second Amendment does not apply to states or localities. * Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court Of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit * Reversed and remanded * NRA of Am., Inc. v. City of Chicago, 567 F.3d 856, 2009 U.S.Read MoreThe City Of Chicago, A New City Block And Towering Three Stories Above Englewood1472 Words   |  6 Pages Duality Sprawling an entire city block and towering three stories above Englewood, a thriving suburb just south of Chicago, sat a building that would come to be known as the â€Å"Murder Castle†. Constructed during the gilded age of America, in an atmosphere of booming financial success that was bursting with real-estate development, job seekers, tycoons, and self-made millionaires who were held in high esteem. The city of Chicago still bustling from rebuilding after the great fire of 1871, became aRead MoreCase Analysis : V The City Of Chicago Case No866 Words   |  4 PagesCase synopsis Vasich, et al. v. The city Of Chicago, Case No. 11-CV-4843 (N.D. III. Sept. 5, 2013) is a case containing class action litigations in the workplace. As told within the case, it allowed for a settlement agreement. There was a guilty verdict on charges of gender discrimination. The court pointed out on the inconsistency of the ruling in this case due to the relation to the constitutional necessities of the Title VII of the Equal Employment Act. The court placed a ban because of this resultRead MoreEssay on City of Chicago Information Security Policy2918 Words   |  12 PagesCritique of current Chicago information security policy Enterprise Information Security Policy (EISP) Areas similar to standards discussed Overview of the corporate philosophy on security Documents the Introduction and Purpose of the Information security policy of Chicago It provides a reasonable framework that helps the reader to understand the intent of the document Overview ï‚ · The City of Chicago (City) intends to manage its information technology and information assets to maximize their efficient

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Growth Of Manufacturing During The Industrial Revolution

This is essay number one and topic number one. The growth of manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The impact on growth of cities, employment of skilled and unskilled workers, and role of women, families, laws and national policies. Most of the people worked at home or on farms, this before the Industrial Revolution. If people did or had to work away from home, then they most likely worked in workshops or in a small building. Then during the Industrial Revolution, factories made a big change on what people did, on how they worked and where they lived. The factories were not the best places to work in, also living by a factory was not good, but some people had no choice. This mainly because of money. Then some of the†¦show more content†¦Some people had no choice but to work in the factories. Later on during the Industrial Revolution, the skilled workers were able to make more money. The skilled workers were able to make a living. They made a decent amount of money, where they had some money left over. The skilled people were able to afford better living accommodations. A lot of the well paid workers moved away out of the city life. In the article called The Industrial Revolution, Working and Living Conditions said that (â€Å"this led the beginning of suburbs or socially segregated neighborhoods.†) The unskilled workers, did not make as much money as the skilled workers did. Most of the unskilled workers, lived in the cities and near some factories. This was because they could not afford to live that far away from the factories. It was because they did not make as much and had very little money. They were not skilled at what they did. Then some of the unskilled workers, had to be trained. This was so they could do a better job at what they were doing. The women at times were also business people. If the women had a husband that passed away, then the women had to take over the family and take charge. Then in the article called Women Workers in the British Industrial Revolution, said, (â€Å"women commonly ran shops, taverns, and worked in different places, but were not confined to these areas.†) The laws changed over time during the Industrial Revolution. Then for working in the

The Problems of British Society Free Essays

There are many issues the British society is facing, it is not a perfect society. British society just like Chinese society,European society and American society have positive things but also some problems that need to solved. British society is not perfect, it means it has a lot of issues. We will write a custom essay sample on The Problems of British Society or any similar topic only for you Order Now We need to look at them in order to find out what problems are and also suggest some methods. This essay will discuss three important issues, firstly, we are going to discuss that waves of immigration brings tension and stress to UK. Then, it will states the social crisis from population aging. Finally, it will look at how the monarchy affects British society and presents some arguments for abolishment. â€Å"Immigration is regarded by the public as the biggest problem facing British society, a major new survey taking stock of the state of the country reveals †(Boffey, 2013). Many people think that conflict between settlers and persons born in Britain is the principal reason of division. Boffey (2013) makes the point that during the past twenty years, both immigration and emigration grew rapidly,the number of people going in Britain is more 100,000 than leaving Britain annually since 1998. According to modood Sault (2013),â€Å"Large-scale population flows into and out of a nation have many social and economic implications†. Therefore, it gave rise to a set of implications at national and local levels, for example,the allocation of the welfare state, degrees of concentration on health and educational provision, unemployment or skill shortages. In this situation, the speed of control and number of immigrants is necessary, the immigrant restrictionism should be made correctly. There are some suggestions have been provided, such as immigrants must learn to speak English, the governments use BELTS to process immigration and student visa applications . Actually it is a test that checks out your proficiency in English language. Only those people who have sufficient ability to pass the test can have quality to stay in UK. Similarity, the welfare state should be open to those born abroad who have contributed to society and play by the rules. In my opinion, it is a good method to relieve stress effectively from immigrants in the UK. Secondly, let us have a look at aging population in the UK. According to the BBC News (2013), â€Å"The UK is ‘woefully underprepared’ for the social and economic challenges presented by an ageing society, a Lords committee has warned†. (BBC, 2013). An ageing population problem is when a country has a high percentage of old generation people. The problem may lead to a series of crises in public service provision. Drabble said: â€Å"From 2010 to 2030 there is expected to be a 50% increase in people aged 65 and over and the UK is by in no position to cope unless significant changes are made, according a special inquiry by the House of Lords†. (Drabble, 2013) The Royal Geographical Society (2013) summaries two megatrends causing these demographic changes, the first reason is low / declining fertility rate. Women have been having fewer children during the past 40years; though birth rates have grown in a bit in the past 20 years. In Britain, women are presently having 1. 9 children,the highest figure since 1973,but far lower than 1964. The second reason is rising longevity. Individuals have longer lifetime benefits from improvements in diet, health and preventative health care. In the 20th century, the average life span added up by 30 years. With the elderly being the fastest growing age group in UK, it will create increasingly force in healthcare and social services. According to BBC (2013),†Peers said significant changes in pensions, health care and employment practices were needed to help people ‘sustain a good quality of life’ as they aged†. Thus, the state should assist people in later life was a priority. There are some suggestions has been raisen from Royal geographical society (2013), for example, raise the age of retirement, sustain or increase levels of migration-to help fill labor /skills gaps and improve financial planning for older age by increasing older people’s incomes and reducing costs for older people. Some people argue that spending money on the elderly is a waste of money, it is better to spend on the young who can still contribute to society. However, this is the fact that the elderly ever contributed the nation when they were young. Therefore, the problem of the elderly must not be neglected. In my opinion, these suggestions are effective to solve these social problems? Finally, we will discuss the monarchy in UK. â€Å"Calls for the U. K. to abolish the monarchy and become a republic are ever-present†(Khazan, 2013), this is because there are some problems produce from the monarchy. Firstly, the monarchy is a waste of taxpayers money. According to Buckingham Palace, It has been acknowledged that sustaining the royal family costs Britons 53 pence, or about 81 cents, per person, per year. The total came to about 33. 3 million pounds (about $51. 1 million) for 2012-2013, according to the Palace, up from 32. 4 million pounds the previous year (Khazan, 2013). Therefore, the public are confused to this money is given to them instead of being given to support troop or fund hospitals. And it is enough to pay for thousands of teachers, nurses or polices officers at a time of sweeping public spending cuts. (Smith, 2012) However, it has been argued by Cole that â€Å"Britain’s royal family is an affordable indulgence†. (Cole, 2011) â€Å"Britain’s royal family is worth a staggering ?44 billion as a brand, according to a new study. †(Thornhill,2012) This is no doubt that the monarchy’s quality brings in heaps of tourism revenue, millions of tourists come to England to see the Monarchy per year, and many ships in London thrive on tourism. Although there are some benefits from the monarchy, there are still some suggestions on abolishment exist. Because in the past, the monarchy was the dominant power in UK. Nowadays, all affairs are solved by the British government, and the monarchy has no place in UK anymore. There are other methods have been suggested to solve, such as make a vote too decide whether to abolish the monarchy according to the opinion of the public. In my opinion, it may be not an effective method to solve by soliciting public opinion. In conclusion, it has been discussed which three key problems are influencing the British society. These problems are about immigrants, aging population and monarchy. For immigrants, the method of group of control by setting the level is used to solve the problem. For Aging population, it is inevitable cultural phenomenon with the development of economy and technology, it has been suggested to sustain the elderly quality of life as central concentration by improving financial planning. At last, whether to maintain the royal family has been suggested to decide by making a vote in the public. Among these methods, I think solutions on issues of immigrants and aging population are effective. But for the monarchy, I think the opinion of the public may be not decisive factor to abolish the royal family. How to cite The Problems of British Society, Papers

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My First Love free essay sample

Nowadays, many people, especially adults, think that its difficult to teenagers to have a first love. In my opinion, thats Just a wrong idea. I remember when I fell In love for the first time, I remember it like it was yesterday, but already some years have passed away, however, the passion and the amazing feelings I used to have for him are still the same. I definitely still remember what he looked Like and how much I loved him , to be honest, I still love him like everything astonishing In this suspicious world. Although there was an age difference, I couldnt help what I felt at the moment whenI saw him for the first time. He was between his handsome cousins, one was black and the other one white. I cant say It was love at the first sight, because at the beginning, I had feelings for both and so I was unsure about my emotional state, his white cousin was almost Irresistible. We will write a custom essay sample on My First Love or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page After some time, besides all this drama, I lost my mind and fell Into that temptation. It felt Like destiny guided us. From that moment I knew we were meant to be together-when my tongue touched him for the first time, I never felt something so powerful. I have to admit that just remembering all these memories causes a sweet ache in my heart.Sometimes I were doubting about our relationship, I thought he was causing me too much regret because I was spending too much time of my life with him which one day would cause me some problems in the future. However, now I know I never want to lose this first and last love, because besides all the happiness that weave been through together, hes the one who when I feel a little melancholy help me with his incredible skills to make me happy. Love you, Milk Chocolate, London specifically Oh and Kinder. Forever and ever, until my last breath. My First Love free essay sample My best friend was mad at me . 1 could see the anger in her eyes like a black cloud ready for a thunderstorm. It was five years ago, January 7th ,a sunny warm day at about 10:00 AM, I met her at the bus stop after waiting for an hour. Walt In our three years friendship, I saw her get angry many times, but not like on that day. I said sorry more than a thousand times ; I heard no response form her. She was just walking on the side of the road with a sad face,and I was trying to convince her.She always used to say Penumbra you are my only friend who can understand me better than my family. But I failed to be her best friend that day. I had no Idea what was going wrong on her mind . While walking for hours with her, I heard many vehicles passing us but not even a word form her mouth . We will write a custom essay sample on My First Love or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I was afraid that I would lose my best friend ,whom I loved since the first sight. But she never got a view about my love even though we were friends for three years. I saw her first at bus stop when I was sixteen, just for few minutes,but she sat in my memory. She was talking with her friend.I did not know who she was and where she lived. She was in loose brown trouser and light pink T-shirt with a smiling face. We both saw each other for a while like we knew each other. I never saw her in my school life . She was like a beautiful angel that I used to dream. Actually I feel love first time in my life at that time. L could hardly sleep couple hours at that night because only the picture of the beautiful angel was in my mind. After high school, I went to business school for a two years accounting degree. It is still fresh in my mind, the first orientation class: I saw the same beautiful angel.I quickly recalled my memory and talked with myself, Is she the same girl that I saw on the bus stop when I was sixteen? Yes, she is the same angel. I was so excited and happy to be her classmate . Those campus days were so interesting and beautiful. I did not know what magic she had she looked different and unique. She had different behavior and style, she was always surrounded by friends. I was friendly. L never tried to speak with her because I was little bit shy with girls. She always gave me a simple smile whenever I saw her. In return, also used to smile for first three months of our class. I do not know the exact date when she began to speak with me and became my best friend. She was not good in mathematics. L used to help her to solve business calculus and accounting homework problems. I Just remember her words Penumbra why are you so helpful and never get angry? I always saw you other friends also used to ask me,When was the last time you got angry? I believe my smiling face and helpful behavior made her my best friend. Although she became my best friend more than two years, I never made her feel that I loved her. She never trusted a man and never wanted to be loved by someone.She was Just waltzing for a handsome person with whom she could feel love at first sight. I did not want to lose my best friend,so I never told her love you. Those days were beautiful and memorable. After graduation the two year accounting degree I got an accounting job meet every day after the work at the bus stop and came back home talking every accounting problem that we faced in work and many other interesting subjects. We always went for dinner whenever we got our paycheck. Oneida,because of a field work I ride bus from other bus stop with my boss. Hen we reached the bus stop here She was waiting me for an hour. I was in bus and looking for her to give hand to ride in the bus, at the moment my boss asked something about the field work . But the wrong thing happened I was talking with the boss, I missed to give her hand to ride the bus. The bus passed her , and she did not get a ride in the bus. I was so foolish: I did not come back to her,but she waited there up to late night Just thinking I would be back to pick up her. Later I realized my mistake and called her to say sorry,but she turned off her phone. Next day early in the morning.I went to her mom, but she was so angry and did not want to see my face. So I left a message that I would be waiting for her at same time and at same bus stop. I waited her more than a hour every day, but she did not come to the bus stop for a week. was so deposited so I decided to move the other city and sent her the massage that I am moving on Saturday if she want she could meet me only tomorrow at the same bus stop. Next day, after hours of waiting she arrived in blue Jeans with creamy top. We went for a walk. She did not reply a word,although I tried thousand ways to show I was sorry for the incident.God is great, he created such a situation that I was walking carelessly, a stupid motorbike rider was Just back of me to hit me down. But she pulled me aside and save me . Then she hugged me and spoke with crying, I care you more than I do for my self, you are only one that trust but you.. Then I realized that she also loved me. With courage I asked her,Do you love me ? I heard the million-dollar word yes I do,. She is my best friend and my first love. We still love and respect each other. Although she is far across the world in my home country Nepal. She never forgets to call me every week. She is waiting Just for me..

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Overview of Management

Overview of Management Free Online Research Papers The primary functions of management consist of four functions, which pertain to the planning and strategizing, organizing, controlling, and leading. â€Å"The four management functions should be closely linked. For instance, the control system should warn the organization that its plans and strategies are not working and need to be reconsidered† (Gomez- Mejia-Balkin, 2002, p. 5). Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was established in 1998. Kudler Fine Foods is in three different areas in California. The first store opened in La Jolla, the second store is located in Del Mar and the third is in Encinitas both of the areas are in California. Kathy Kudler is the president and founder of the company in which she has manually managed the company. The store managers will have responsible duties such as supervising employees, managing the store within the budget and operating guidelines, plans and prepare a work schedule for employees, formulates pricing policies on the merchandise, prepares sale promotions and directs workers with the merchandise displays and advertisements. Store managers will take care of the inventories, reconciling cash with sales receipts, prepare record of transactions, answer customer complaints, and lock and secure the store. The director of finance and accounting will develop and implement goals that relate to the financial management, budget, accounting, and payroll. He or she will also supervise in preparations of the financial statements, maintain accurate records, prepare statements and reports of the estimated future costs, manage the financial institutions relationships with lenders and review the financial statements with the management. The director of store operations will manage the operations of the three stores, which consist of supervising the managers of purchasing and inventory. Director of operations will be responsible for the safety of the store, facilitate maintenance, security and the compliance with the state and federal regulations. The director of administration and human resources will develop policies, direct, and coordinate human resource activities. The director of administration and human resources will supervise in developing training, recruit employees, analyzes the wage and salary reports. Technology and the Internet The Technology and the Internet has become advanced over the years and has now become a place for companies to endorse and sell their merchandises, goods and services to a larger amount of customers than by the traditional advertisement in which this will involve networking. â€Å"Networking is the ability to build and sustain a personal network that can enable you to reach your professional goals† (Gomez-Mejia-Balkin, 2002, p. 7). Kudler Fine Foods is no different than any other company. Kudler has developed a website or network to inform new and present customers about Kudler’s’ goods and services. Because there are other companies which are on the Internet that sell goods similar to Kudler, the company’s website must use detailed graphics to set the company enthusiastically different from the companys competition. Cite Examples of the Five Forces The company carefully plans the operations and order product when the company believes the sales will become the highest. When the sales fall the company will do promotional activity. According to Kudler the company currently does not have any competition; another gourmet shop could open in our geographic area. If we offer fresh and healthy products at a reasonable price, hopefully we can keep competitors from entering the marketplace. Because customers expect a high-quality product, Kathy makes sure that the product is pulled from the shelf and replaced as soon as possible if the turnover rate is less than expected (Kudler, 2003). Conclusion In conclusion to the article there has been an understanding that the primary functions of the company is responsible to several departments or individuals in whom the individuals rely on one another for the company to be successful, expand, and to grow. The company is willing to keep their customers satisfied. For the company to grow and succeed the company uses the Internet to help in providing for their customers and to advertise. References Gomez- Mejia-Balkin, (2002). Management (2nd ed.). Retrieved from Kudler, (2003). Strategic Plan. Kudler Fine Foods. Retrieved from Research Papers on Overview of ManagementThe Project Managment Office SystemAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaOpen Architechture a white paperMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever ProductNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceTwilight of the UAWBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalLifes What IfsDefinition of Export Quotas

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Setting and Characters in Act Two of the Play Clybourne Park

Setting and Characters in Act Two of the Play Clybourne Park During the intermission of Bruce Norris play Clybourne Park, the stage undergoes a significant transformation. The former home of Bev and Russ (from Act One) ages fifty years. In the process, it erodes from a quaint, well-kept home into a residence that features, in the words of the playwright, an overall shabbiness. Act Two takes place in September of 2009. The stage directions describe the altered environment: The wooden staircase has been replaced with a cheaper metal one. ( . . . ) The fireplace opening is bricked in, linoleum covers large areas of wooden floor and plaster has crumbled from the lath in places. The kitchen door is now missing. During Act One, Karl Lindner predicted that the community would irrevocably change, and he implied that the neighborhood would decline in prosperity. Based on the description of the house, it seems at least part of Lindners forecast has come true. Meet the Characters In this act, we meet an entirely new set of characters. Six people sit in a semi-circle, looking over real estate/legal documents. Set in 2009, the neighborhood is now a predominantly African-American community.   The black married couple, Kevin and Lena, maintain strong ties to the house in question. Not only is Lena a member of the Home Owners Association, hoping to preserve the architectural integrity of the neighborhood, she is the niece of the original owners, the Youngers from Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin in the Sun. The white married couple, Steve and Lindsey, have recently purchased the house, and they have plans to tear down most of the original structure and created a larger, taller, and more modern home. Lindsey is pregnant and makes every attempt to be friendly and politically correct during Act Two. Steve, on the other hand, is eager to tell offensive jokes and engage in discussions about race and class. Like Karl Lindner in the previous act, Steve is the most obnoxious member of the group, serving as a catalyst that exposes not only his prejudice but the prejudice of others. The remaining characters (each one Caucasian) include: Tom, the real estate lawyer representing the interests of Kevin and Lenas Home Owners Association. Tom continually tries (but usually fails) to keep the conversation on track.Kathy, the lawyer for  Steve and Lindsey, also tries to keep the proverbial ball rolling. However, she does go on brief tangents, such as when she mentions that her family (the Lindners from Act One!) once lived in the neighborhood.Dan, a contractor who interrupts the debate when he discovers a mysterious box buried in the yard. Tension Builds The first fifteen minutes seem to be about the minutiae of real estate law. Steve and Lindsey want to change the house significantly. Kevin and Lena want certain aspects of the property to remain intact. The lawyers want to make certain that all parties are following the rules established by the lengthy legalese they page through. The mood begins with casual, friendly conversation. Its the sort of small talk one might expect from newly acquainted strangers working towards a common goal. For example, Kevin discusses various travel destinations including ski trips, a clever call back to Act One. Lindsey talks happily about her pregnancy, insisting that she doesnt want to know the sex of their child. However, because of many delays and interruptions, tensions increase. Several times Lena hopes to say something meaningful about the neighborhood, but her speech is constantly put on hold until she finally loses patience. In Lenas speech, she says: No one, myself included, likes having to dictate what you can or cant do with your own home, but theres just a lot of pride, and a lot of memories in these houses, and for some of us, that connection still has value. Steve latches onto the word value, wondering if she means monetary value or historic value. From there, Lindsey becomes very sensitive and at times defensive. When she talks about how the neighborhood has changed, and Lena asks her for specifics, Lindsey uses the words historically and demographically. We can tell she doesnt want to directly bring up the subject of race. Her aversion becomes even more prominent when she scolds Steve for using the word ghetto. The History of the House Tensions ease a bit when the conversation removes itself from the politics of property, and Lena recounts her personal connection to the home. Steve and Lindsey are surprised to learn that Lena played in this very room as a child and climbed the tree in the backyard. She also mentions the owners before the Younger family (Bev and Russ, though she doesnt mention them by name.) Assuming that the new owners already know the sad details, Lena touches upon the suicide that took place over fifty years ago. Lindsey freaks out: LINDSEY: Im sorry, but that is just something that, from a legal standpoint, you should have to tell people! Just as Lindsey vents about the suicide (and its lack of disclosure) a construction worker named Dan enters the scene, bringing in the trunk that has recently been dug up from the yard. By coincidence (or perhaps fate?) the suicide note of Bev and Russ son lies in the box, waiting to be read. However, the people of 2009 are too concerned with their own daily conflicts to bother opening up the trunk.

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State-building In Developing Countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

State-building In Developing Countries - Essay Example This report stresses that during the emergence of Europe, the most dominant powers were Germany and the United Kingdom and later America and the USSR. These nations through the exercise of their military and economic power had significant implications on state building in Europe. For instance, Germany was responsible for political and human turmoil witnessed in Poland during the start of the twentieth century. Germany onslaught on Polish territory resulted in the death of thousand of Polish citizens. This result in slow development of Poland, which in the past has been a recipient of massive amounts of aid from America. This paper makes a conclusion that Europe’s past provides an insightful point of reference upon which one can undertake comparisons. There are several similarities in state building in Europe but also huge disparities between modern day third world nations. A common characteristic in the third world nations is democratic institutions, which lack legitimacy, which is in stack contracts to Europe’s well-entrenched democratic institutions of governance such as the legislature, and judiciary that the citizenry believe in. Clearly, there are obvious disparities between state building in Europe and the third world nations. Violence is common phenomena employed as tool to cause a revolution or enable the state to consolidate power and create order forcefully. Tilly and Cohen’s radical views with regard to the existence of the state and Gerschenkron’s insight into economic history provide insightful perspectives on state building.